How Does It


What is coating?

Spraying the coating that is decided for this project and usage

Coating is new option towards traditional upholstery. Here we are able to spray directly onto the cutted foam shape. The advantages are that we can spray more complex shapes and that we offer all RAL and NCS colors.

Make sure the foam is clean to start with the 3 layer coating. First layer is the primer who gives the adhesion to the foam and closed the wholes. Second layer is a high quality PU layer which gives the strength to the coating. Last layer is the soft touch topcoat / color layer. This coating cures overnight and is ready to ship the next day.

Maintenance and cleaning

Regular cleaning is needed to keep your product in a nice condition. Use warm water with a soft detergent and cotton cloth. We advice the FlexPlus cleanerTM , a special universal cleaner for maintenance and keeping your product fresh.

Advice for outside usage for FlexPlusTM products:

Weekly cleaning is needed to keep your product clean and avoid staining
Storage keep your furniture inside and dry during extreme weather conditions.